Security Tool Chests
Security Tool Chests
Security Tool Chests
Security Tool Chests
Security Tool Chests
Security Tool Chests

Security Tool Chests

  • Built to a very high specification featuring the unique Internal Anti-jemmy System, which is guaranteed to baffle thieves
  • Extremely strong, sturdy and secure but also very cost effective
  • Heavy duty construction with 3mm lid
  • Ultra robust 5 Lever deadlocks with anti-drill plates on both sides and anti-cut rollers in deadbolt, strong chubb style keys supplied
  • Extra reinforcing around locks to prevent drilling
  • Welded on serial numbers for overnight key replacements
  • Gas struts on all sizes to assist with lid opening and closing
  • Continuous heavy duty fully welded hinge
  • Internal lid support stay
1-2 working days


1-2 working days


1 year parts / labour

Product Variations

Code: TB1 Description: Van Box Dimensions (mm): 475(H) x 985(W) x 540(D) Weight: 45 kg Price: £199.00 £195.02
Code: TB12 Description: Truck Box Dimensions (mm): 455(H) x 1275(W) x 510(D) Weight: 45 kg Price: £290.00 £284.20
Code: TB21 Description: Site Box Dimensions (mm): 665(H) x 760(W) x 675(D) Weight: 50 kg Price: £349.00 £342.02
Code: TB2 Description: Site Box Dimensions (mm): 665(H) x1275(W) x 675(D) Weight: 80 kg Price: £421.00 £412.58
Code: TB3 Description: Site Chest Dimensions (mm): 970(H) x 1275(W) x 675(D) Weight: 100 kg Price: £595.00 £583.10
Code: TB6 Description: Truck Box Dimensions (mm): 665(H) x 1970(W) x 675(D) Weight: 114 kg Price: £743.00 £728.14
Code: TBC4 Description: Site Chest Dimensions (mm): 1275(H) x 1275(W) x 675(D) Weight: 170 kg Price: £849.00 £832.02
Code: TBC5 Description: Site Chest Dimensions (mm): 1275(H) x 1585(W) x 675(D) Weight: 200 kg Price: £1,047.00 £1,026.06

Security Tool Chests

Have you ever wondered how you could protect your most valuable possessions and turn your workspace into a safer environment? Some of the simplest preventive measures revolve around a cost-effective product that is always within reach: a feature-rich security tool chest with a sturdy design, introduced on the market to deter thieves and ensure the highest level of protection for your expensive tools.

What Is the Purpose of the Security Tool Chests?

Annual estimates indicate that equipment theft triggers losses ranging from $300 million to $ 1 billion. According to the same sources, only 6.5% of the stolen tools actually find their way back to their owners. In this context, it becomes obvious that businesses and households require the presence of security tool chests, where users can deposit their tools safely and conveniently. Due to its plethora of security-oriented features, such as anti-drill plates, 5 Lever deadlocks and anti-cut rollers, the security tool chest that we provide is the simplest and most cost-effective and reliable tool storage solution that you could implement to protect your personal belongings and keep equipment thieves at a distance.

Where Can These Products Be Used?

This product can be used and stored in a number of environments, including offices, warehouses, workshops, construction sites and garages. Its sturdy construction enables it to withstand the impact of everyday stressors without displaying premature signs of wear and tear. Moreover, its security features guarantee a superior theft protection, which basically means that you could keep your tool chest even in the most crowded, unguarded areas, without worrying about a potential theft attempt.

Who Might Use These Products?

This product is suitable for individual contractors, workers, business owners, homeowners and basically every other category of users requiring a smart, secure storage solution for expensive tools that are usually targeted by thieves. Extremely sturdy, secure and strong, the tool chests that we offer come with a 3 mm lid and extra reinforcing around their locks to create an additional layer of protection against drilling. Versatile, portable and incredibly robust, these products are an excellent choice for buyers who are looking for the most cost-effective method to store tools onsite and prevent equipment theft with ease.

Additional Product Information and Specifications

The fully welded hinge allows you to open and close the security tool chest with minimum effort. This storage solution comprises state-of-the-art security features added to combat all the strategies that thieves may employ to gain access to your stored goods, including picking and drilling. These bestselling items come with internal lid support stay, solid 5 Lever deadlocks featuring anti-drill plates and anti-cut rollers, as well as robust chubb style keys. Order yours today, profit from competitive pricing and free shipping, and we’ll gladly deliver this product to your door in 2 to 3 working days.

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