Rubber Base White 6 Post Plastic Chain Kit
Rubber Base White 6 Post Plastic Chain Kit (10m)
Rubber Base White 6 Post Plastic Chain Kit
Rubber Base White 6 Post Plastic Chain Kit (10m)

Rubber Base White 6 Post Plastic Chain Kit (10m)

  • This 6 post plastic chain kit is ideal for any outdoor events
  • The kit comes with 6 posts & bases, 10m of chain & 20 connectors
  • Features white posts, white chain, white connector links, white S-hooks
  • Solid rubber base
  • Chain is supplied in 2m lengths
  • Chain thickness - 6mm or 8mm
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Product Variations

Chain: 10m x 6mm Price: £77.00 £73.15
Chain: 10m x 8mm Price: £82.00 £77.90

Rubber Base White 6 Post Plastic Chain Kit (10m)

What is the purpose of the rubber base 6 post plastic chain kit?

This type of rubber base 6 post plastic chain kit has been successfully utilised by both commercial and industrial customers to great success. They stand out as a very useful addition to companies who have a need for a barrier that is easy to erect and remove. It is priceless in being able to control traffic flow, both vehicular and pedestrian, and can be used to aid in directing personnel or equipment to different areas as they are required.

Where can this product be used?

Developed for outdoor use primarily, the white colour scheme makes it ideal for use in front of dark coloured buildings. It can also be very useful for premises that have a lot of goings-on at night. The posts are easy to mount and the connections are simple so that anyone can erect these posts where they are supposed to go without any assistance. Because of its versatility, these posts are a great method of traffic control that can be mounted in any external area.

Who might use this product?

Companies that primarily have lots of traffic to deal with at night may consider using these in their parking areas to delineate between one aisle and another. They can also be used in stores that require temporary access to their premises for delivery at night. The chains are easy to remove and to put back on, but provide a very visible barrier that other vehicles would find impassable.

Rubber base 6 post plastic chain kit specifications

The plastic chain kit comes with a total of 6 all-white plastic posts and sets of chains that come at 2m lengths. The chains are built at a thickness of 8mm to withstand exterior weather conditions. The rubber bases of the posts are solid all the way through, serving as more than just counterweights to the posts, but providing good resistance and support for the chains as well. Along with the package are 20 connectors and 20 s-hooks to aid in attaching the chains to the posts. Additionally, if more kits are needed, they link seamlessly with this particular post set.

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