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Don’t be the fall guy in your office!

Posted under Health and safety, Office on August 21, 2012

Avoid trip hazards by using floor covers and cable protectorsOur range of office and external cable protectors are now on sale

Thousands of people in the UK each year have accidents at work simply from tripping over. Some of these accidents are difficult to prevent if the individual isn’t paying much attention to what they are doing! However, tripping over loose and trailing cables can be avoided by using cheap and easy to install cable protectors.

Careful cable management can play an important part … Read more

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Speed ramps, bumps and sleeping policemen!

Posted under Product Updates, Warehouse on August 21, 2012

Speed ramps and humpsClick here to BUY SPEED RAMPS DIRECT

Speed ramps were first used in New Jersey over 100 years ago to reduce the speed of cars, some of which could travel at up to 30 miles per hour! They didn’t really catch on in the UK until the 1970s when they also acquired the term ‘sleeping policemen’ although they were variously  known as Kipping Cops, Road Humps, Speed Breakers and Judder Bars.

Speed ramps have been … Read more

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Don’t sit on the fence – plastic chain is the answer!

Posted under Product Updates on August 20, 2012

White plastic chain and postsPlastic chain, post and bases are not the most exciting products that we sell at the Workplace Depot, but they are the kind of items used just about everywhere by businesses, especially those that are open to visiting members of the public. Hotels and golf clubs use miles of the chain along with our ground fixed posts – ie posts that can be hammered into soft ground like soil and grass. So you will often … Read more

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New feature: 3D catalogue graphic

Posted under Website & Features on August 7, 2012

This is such a small update that we wondered whether it was worthwhile letting our visitors know but we thought it added such a nice touch to the homepage, we thought we would show it off. On our old homepage we had a simple “flat style” catalogue but we edited it and added a real 3D feel and it now looks like it jumps out of the page.

Each time we add a new feature … Read more

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Prestige rope barriers

Posted under Product Updates on August 3, 2012

Prestige post and rope barriersIt may surprise you to know that posts and ropes are among the most popular items sold by the Workplace Depot. The list of businesses and venues we have sold them to is almost endless! Some of the more deluxe rope barriers have been sold to Cathedrals, Opera houses, art galleries, museums and country clubs – mostly used to cordon off indoor areas and to do so with a certain amount of good grace and … Read more

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Indoor and outdoor cable protectors

Posted under Health and safety, Office, Warehouse on July 31, 2012

Internal and external cable protectorsCheck out our huge range of indoor and outdoor cable protectors

The tragic news recently about a scientist accidentally killed by power cables, serves as a reminder that organisations are legally required to take precautions against the risk of death or injury from electricity and/or trip hazards. Although this recent accident was caused by running into the cable, accidents have also occurred when someone has stepped or tripped on a live cable. The best way … Read more

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