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Category Archives: Product Updates

PVC Foam Matting – All You Need to Know

Posted under Product Updates on May 10, 2016

pvc foam mattingThere are lots of jobs in the world that require employees to stand for extended periods of time. Whether these jobs are in retail, restaurant, manufacturing, heavy commercial, an industrial setting, standing for a long period of time can be strenuous on the feet, legs, back and other parts of the body. Standing on hard and unforgiving surfaces is primarily to blame for this growing discomfort and fatigue, and the solution is simpler than one Read more

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Making the Most of Quality Hose Protectors

Posted under News, Product Updates on April 28, 2016

hose-protectorsQuality cable or hose protectors are handy products that home and business owners could use to prevent tripping accidents while also protecting wires, hoses and cables from any kind of impacts. When shopping for hose and cable protectors, it is imperative to select the best items in this category with your specific needs and goals in mind. You should ask yourself the following questions before making a purchase: Do I need a semi-permanent or temporary Read more

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The History & Usefulness of The Acrylic Convex Mirror

Posted under Product Updates on April 19, 2016

acrylic-convex-mirrorConvex mirrors are all around, in stores, parking garages and on the street almost everywhere we go, but people give them little to no thought when they see them. Have you ever wondered about where they come from, how they were invented and their importance in modern society?

The creation of convex mirrors became possible with the advent of glass blowing in the mid-1700s. When a glass blower had a hot glass bulb they would Read more

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How to Navigate Driving in Winter Weather

Posted under Product Updates on December 1, 2015

SnowDriving in the winter can be a difficult part of living and you might want to keep several things in mind so you know that you can drive safely and enjoy your holidays. This might include having your car checked on or installing speed bumps so you can save yourself from some of the stress of driving in the winter. Think about these few things when you plan on heading out on the road and Read more

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Workplace Depot Autumn Essentials

Posted under Health and safety, Product Updates on October 1, 2015

Four things you need to be autumn readyAutumn is a beautiful season that is often associated with romance. What can be more romantic than feeling the cool autumn breeze with nature resembling an oil-painting and the aroma of pumpkin pies or waffles wafting through the air? Along with the change in season, you also need to change your style as you layer up with knits, jackets, vests, scarves and other pieces of clothing to keep you warm. Of course, the Halloween and Read more

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What Kind of Trolleys Does Your Business Need?

Posted under Product Updates on August 27, 2015

All businesses are in need of a way to move inventory without causing injury to its employees. A heavy-duty platform trolley is the perfect tool to get the job done. These can be tailored to meet the different needs of your company. These devices come in a variety of styles and functionalities, so you won’t have trouble finding one that is perfect for your industry.

Platform Trolleys

If your business is in need of a … Read more

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