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Category Archives: Product Updates

PVC Foam Matting – All You Need to Know

Posted under Product Updates on May 10, 2016

pvc foam mattingThere are lots of jobs in the world that require employees to stand for extended periods of time. Whether these jobs are in retail, restaurant, manufacturing, heavy commercial, an industrial setting, standing for a long period of time can be strenuous on the feet, legs, back and other parts of the body. Standing on hard and unforgiving surfaces is primarily to blame for this growing discomfort and fatigue, and the solution is simpler than one Read more

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Making the Most of Quality Hose Protectors

Posted under News, Product Updates on April 28, 2016

hose-protectorsQuality cable or hose protectors are handy products that home and business owners could use to prevent tripping accidents while also protecting wires, hoses and cables from any kind of impacts. When shopping for hose and cable protectors, it is imperative to select the best items in this category with your specific needs and goals in mind. You should ask yourself the following questions before making a purchase: Do I need a semi-permanent or temporary Read more

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The History & Usefulness of The Acrylic Convex Mirror

Posted under Product Updates on April 19, 2016

acrylic-convex-mirrorConvex mirrors are all around, in stores, parking garages and on the street almost everywhere we go, but people give them little to no thought when they see them. Have you ever wondered about where they come from, how they were invented and their importance in modern society?

The creation of convex mirrors became possible with the advent of glass blowing in the mid-1700s. When a glass blower had a hot glass bulb they would … Read more

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What Kind of Trolleys Does Your Business Need?

Posted under Product Updates on August 27, 2015

All businesses are in need of a way to move inventory without causing injury to its employees. A heavy-duty platform trolley is the perfect tool to get the job done. These can be tailored to meet the different needs of your company. These devices come in a variety of styles and functionalities, so you won’t have trouble finding one that is perfect for your industry.

Platform Trolleys

If your business is in need of a … Read more

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Four Types of Shelving Units You May Need For Your Business

Posted under Product Updates, Storage on August 25, 2015

shelving unitsShelving systems are an integral part of any business. Whether it is a retail space or large industrial building, these devices can keep products neatly displayed; but they are not all made from the same materials. Some are made from sturdy metal and others have small plastic bins to keep small item organized. When it comes to selecting the right one, you should consider the different types of shelving units available on the market and … Read more

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Be in Charge With our Laptop Charging Lockers!

Posted under Product Updates on May 22, 2015

Laptop Charging LockerThere’s nothing worse than being on your phone, laptop or tablet and it running out of battery! Whether you are at work, school or the gym, laptop charging lockers are a revelation for those of us who are always on the go and might not be at home long enough to get a fully powered battery on our electronic devices.

Considering technology plays a huge part in our lives today, the majority of people need … Read more

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Buying for Bars and Restaurants – Are you prepared?

Posted under Health and safety, News, Product Updates, Storage on February 9, 2015

Prestige post and rope barriersWhether it’s a birthday, engagement, anniversary or just a general special occasion, certain industries can constantly feel the effects of being extremely busy all year round.

Restaurants, bars, clubs and pubs in particular will probably be packed (even more than usual) this upcoming weekend as dozens of couples walk through the doors hoping for a special evening filled with delicious food and drinks on Valentine’s Day!

Having said this, it is surely beneficial to prepare … Read more

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Labelling Hazardous Storage – GHS

Posted under Health and safety, News, Product Updates on February 4, 2015

Hazardous StorageThe Globally Harmonised System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals, also known as GHS, is an internationally recognised system that conforms to consistent criteria regarding the classification and labelling of chemicals.

Chemical classification is extremely important; it helps you to be aware of how the chemicals you are supplying could potentially harm you, others around you and the environment.

If you are unsure about the legislation regarding the labelling requirements of chemicals you may be … Read more

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Ramp Up Convenience and Safety with Workplace Utility Ramps

Posted under Product Updates on April 29, 2014

Pavement rampsWorkplace utility ramps are designed to provide convenience and prevent tripping accidents at your office, warehouse, workshop, departmental store, or anywhere else where you’re dealing with uneven floor levels or kerbs. If you have ever tried to push a pallet truck, trolley, or wheel chair over a kerb or step, you know how hard it can be to negotiate just a few inches of height difference. Utility ramps solve the problem and make wheeled movement … Read more

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Order Picking Trolleys – Types and Uses

Posted under Product Updates on February 18, 2014

Order picking trolleyAs petty as it may seem, it is important to think twice before you choose a trolley for your workplace. A heavy duty trolley would seem useless in a grocery store, whereas as a shopping cart has no business whatsoever in a warehouse. With the increasing varieties of trolleys in becoming available each day, retailers should choose wisely for their own convenience.

Warehouse Trolleys

Warehouses are large buildings that are purpose-built for storing goods. Shipments … Read more

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How Speed Ramps Play a Role in Urban Traffic Calming

Posted under Product Updates on January 21, 2014

Sleeping Policemen

Construction sites, heavy traffic times, and weather hazards can make roads dangerous and speed ramps are playing an important role in helping traffic to move more slowly and safely.

Known as traffic calming devices, speed ramps or speed bumps are used both in residential and commercial settings. Designed to slow the speed of vehicles to safer speeds of fewer than 20 mph, speed ramps are usually constructed of high-density rubber. These systems have been employed … Read more

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Common Uses for the Kick Step Stool

Posted under Office, Product Updates on January 20, 2014

Kick stepsBUY KICK STEP STOOLS direct here

The kick step stool has been around for many years… it is used in so many different ways for such a high number of applications that you may not even have noticed the kick step the last time you visited a store or other public place.

History of the Kick Step Stool

Although there is not a single number for every type of kick step stool, one brand name … Read more

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The “key” solution to your problems…

Posted under Amusing, Product Updates, Security, Storage on October 30, 2013

SLIMLINEKEYCAB_1_2How many times have you wandered around in an aimless attempt to search for a lost pair of car keys? You are sure you left them on the kitchen counter… Or were they in your bag? It’s something which is a commonplace situation in households up and down the UK; the mystery of missing keys. One must admit they are an easy item to misplace. One minute they are in your hand when you are … Read more

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A “bumper” blog

Posted under Product Updates on October 10, 2013

mrbumpWe know the word bumper means something big, enormous, or extraordinarily large. Things are often sold in bumper packs, meaning you get more for your money. What about a bump on the head? Where does that come from? Where did the very clumsy Mr Bump get his name? In a very “countdown” style, here is an origins of words blog, looking at the fun and squidgy term: Bumper.

The first use of the word bumper … Read more

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Never mind the bollards

Posted under Product Updates on September 27, 2013

st-pancras-bollard-3You may have heard the news story about the gentleman who, in order to brighten up his day, decided to climb inside a traffic bollard and then inevitably got stuck inside, resulting in the police being called to help pull the man out of the bollard. After this strange occurrence, we would like to take a closer look at bollards and discover that there is more to the humble bollard than meets the eye.

Bollards … Read more

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Pal-Disc Pallet Turntable

Posted under Expert Commentary, News, Product Updates on July 22, 2013

Pal-Disc Pallet Turntable

The Pal-Disc Pallet Turntable is a free-rotating turntable for loads of up to 2,000kg, and has a ramped edge for easy pallet truck loading. The turntable has a wide range of industrial uses including the automotive & engineering industries, animal feeds, grain silos, aggregates and general warehousing.

Virtually Maintenance Free

One of the most impressive aspects of the turntable is the fact that it is virtually maintenance free. It is suitable for use in ‘harsh’ … Read more

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British made Security Cages – Ideal for Gas Cylinders and more

Posted under News, Product Updates on July 17, 2013

Mesh wire security cagesOur security cages are a little reminiscent of what you might find at the ‘Guantanamo Bay’ detention camp although they are not designed to have quite such a high level of security! The most popular use of our cages is for the safe housing of cylinders and chemicals. Gas cylinders containing inflammable gas are legally required to be kept in well-ventilated areas, preferably outdoors, and on a flat, dry surface. They also have to be … Read more

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Gas Cylinder Trolleys – Moving and Storing them Safely

Posted under News, Product Updates on July 17, 2013

Steel bottle trolleys

See our range of Gas Cylinder Trolleys here

This article is aimed at anyone who owns or uses gas cylinders – whether you are self employed or an employer, there is a legal duty to have a safe workplace and to use work equipment safely. This article targets businesses or organisations which use a lot of gas cylinders including hospitals, manufacturing plants (especially welding and engineering), laboratories and caravan parks.

In July 2013 three south … Read more

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Plastic chain – not the weakest link!

Posted under News, Product Updates on June 17, 2013

Plastic chain being used at Birmingham airportView our range of plastic chains, posts and bases here

The plastic chain provided by The Workplace Depot is pictured here being used to make a temporary walkway at Birmingham airport.

The plastic chain (sometimes called garden chain) is made in an injection press that can produce chain in a fully automated way thereby creating a high quality end product. The manufacturing is quicker than some producers who still manually assemble the chain and this … Read more

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The new Mac Pro – is it modelled on our waste bin?

Posted under News, Product Updates on June 13, 2013

The wait is over, Apple have unveiled the new Mac Pro. The stunning new design has shocked all Mac Pro users as it has dramatically changed its skin from the beast that was.

Whilst the new design does not resemble the previous desktop cheese grater/tower it has left Apple fans wondering if the underlying Apple DNA is the same. Well, you will be glad to know that every inch of this product is Apple. The … Read more

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