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Top 5 Inventions That Changed the Workplace

Posted under News on March 26, 2013

Top 5 inventions that have changed the workplace

People across the world take great advantage in the objects and devices we use today, but have you ever thought about what life would be like without them? Your mobile phone, the new Ipad or just some artificial lighting. We have looked into 5 things that have changed how the workplace functions and how life has become easier with these things and have put them into our … Read more

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How Have Computers Developed and Changed?

Posted under News on March 22, 2013


The word ‘computer’ means someone or something who computes. A computer is a general purpose device that has developed a lot over the years. Could you live without a computer or any technology that uses the internet? Since the 1940’s, there has been four generations of computers with the pros and cons attached. So how did the first computer come about and how has it changed over the years? But also, how has it changed … Read more

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10 Top business men and women – How they all started

Posted under News on March 21, 2013

Ever wondered what the big businessmen and women did to kick start their working career? What were their first jobs? What were their failures and successes? We have picked out 10 famous business men and women who have had a few ups and downs before they became millionaires!

Lord Alan Sugar was born in Hackney into a Jewish Family and for most of his childhood, his family lived in a council flat. Whilst attending secondary … Read more

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A-Z of School Supplies

Posted under News on March 19, 2013

In the past we have supplied some of the top universities, colleges and schools, with essential equipment that can be used daily. From alarms to first aid kits to safety steps,  we have an A-Z  of products that The Workplace Depot can supply to educational establishments.

A for Alarms

B for Bike Storage

C for Changing Room

D for Disabled Equipment

E for Eating In?

Every school/college/university has an indoor eating area or cafe. Of … Read more

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15 Things That a Local Council Might Need

Posted under News on March 18, 2013

Local Councils are responsible for many operations across their villages, towns or cities. Litter picking, providing equipment for the public and minor construction work are all part of the councils job to improve the environment. We have put together 15 things that the council may need to carry out these operations.

1. Litter Picking Equipment

Litter Picking is not one of the most exciting jobs, but needs doing as part of the councils responsibility to … Read more

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Workplace safety – working at height

Posted under Health and safety, News on March 15, 2013

safety steps

Sadly, fatalities in the workplace are not uncommon. According to statistics released by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), an estimated 591,000 workers had an accident at work in 2011-12 and 212,000 of these injuries led to over 3 days absence from work and 156,000 to over 7 days absence. Employers reported 114,000 injuries to workers, 24,000 were classified as major injuries; many of these incidents could have been avoided if the correct equipment, such … Read more

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National No Smoking Day – Save £30,000

Posted under News on March 13, 2013

Smoking in the workplaceToday is National No Smoking Day – the perfect day to join 1000s of other people in kicking this dirty and unhealthy habit.

Giving up smoking is not just about your health and that of others – if you smoke 20 cigarettes a day of even the absolutely cheapest brand will costs you at least £2,500 a year. With inflation and compound interest this will end up costing you in the region of £30,000 over … Read more

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15 Items That You Need for a Construction Site

Posted under News on March 12, 2013

What do you need for a construction site? Hazard tape? Fencing? We have put together a list of 15 items that you may need for a construction site.

1. Barrier Planks

You may also see barrier planks alongside traffic cones. A Barrier Plank System is used to mark off working areas which creates a safe environment for workers and the public. A Barrier Plank System is made up of cones, adaptors and highly visible, reflective … Read more

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Digital Door Locks

Posted under News, Security on March 11, 2013

Fed up with worrying whether you have your keys, or are you forever losing them? We have a simple answer to that problem, Digital Door Locks! We have listed the Pro’s and Con’s to having a digital door lock – but what is a digital door lock we hear you ask, well it can be also known as a combination door lock and it allows you to enter and exit a building without the need … Read more

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Setting up a Cafe – what you might need…

Posted under Expert Commentary, News on March 8, 2013

Setting up a cafeSome of the crew at The Workplace Depot regularly frequent the cafés of Bingham for our injection of caffeine to help us through the day! Whilst sitting in one the cafés, Matt, Jess, Sean Paul and myself had once again run out of anything interesting to say, so we set to thinking about how many products around us could be supplied by our company – this will be useful when Sean Paul opens his café … Read more

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10 Workplace Security Tips

Posted under News, Office, Security on March 4, 2013

10 Workplace Security Tips

Every company needs to have a security policy in place to keep employees, equipment and goods secure and safe. Having the right security measures can help prevent and deter burglars or people who intend to enter the property without permission. Security is something to always be concerned about, so take the time to carry out some security checks.

1. Check that all windows and doors are securely locked before leaving and … Read more

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Top 50 workplace songs

Posted under News on February 27, 2013

Top 50 Songs About Jobs, Money and the Workplace

EDIT (April 2014): We have actually turned this list into a playlist on Google Music. Head over and have a listen!

EDIT (July 2015): We have also turned this list into a visually appealing post. You can now get all the same great information you see right here on this page in a graphical post. Click the banner below to find out more.

50 workplace songs banner

Well … Read more

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Recycling Campaign

Posted under News, Recycling, Think Green on December 3, 2012

Recycling bins from the Workplace DepotA new campaign has been launched in Nottinghamshire to encourage locals to recycle more efficiently.

Veolia Environmental Services, the county’s waste collector, and Nottinghamshire County Council have been working together on a campaign called ‘Are you Bin Smart?’ to remind residents which items can and can’t be recycled. This will not only help to reduce bin contamination but will also ensure that materials can be sorted efficiently at the Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) based in … Read more

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The Essential Guide to Scaffolding, Sheeting and Netting

Posted under Expert Commentary, News on December 3, 2012

Those who work in the construction industry may be very aware of scaffolding, sheeting and netting, including their benefits and purposes. If you are beginning a construction project and are unsure on the right type of scaffolding or scaffold protection then this essential guide will make your choices more informed and easier.

Scaffolding – What is it and when do you need it?

Scaffolding is actually defined as a temporary structure in itself. Put up … Read more

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Reasons an Environmentalist might hate Christmas

Posted under News, Recycling, Think Green on November 28, 2012

Christmas and the environmentIt’s that time of year again, Christmas! The annual event that brings everyone together, family, friends, work colleagues, includes events such as stuffing ourselves silly with Christmas treats, chocolate, party snacks and singing and dancing to cheesy classics such as Mistletoe and Wine by Sir Cliff Richard and John Lennon’s Happy Christmas (War is Over). But does anyone think about the environmental implications Christmas has on the world?

Facts about Christmas and the environment

According … Read more

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How to Prevent Ladder Accidents in the Workplace

Posted under Health and safety, News on October 24, 2012

ladder safety in the workplaceDespite recent campaigns from the Health and Safety Executive to raise awareness of the risks of working at height, there are still hundreds of cases of falls from ladders in the workplace all over Britain.

Just this month, it was reported that an employee fell from a ladder, injuring his collarbone, breaking several ribs and cutting his head, just months after a similar fall. These kinds of accidents should not happen in the first place … Read more

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Wheel clamping on private land now illegal

Posted under News, Security on October 9, 2012

Parking bollards and removeable postsUnder the Protection of Freedoms Act, it is now illegal to clamp, tow or immobilise cars parked on private land without lawful authority – anyone found breaking the law can potentially face an unlimited fine. This effectively means that clamping and towing will be restricted to the police, local authorities, the DVLA and other authorities acting in accordance with by-laws like airports and railways stations.

Other changes that have also come in from 1 October … Read more

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Getting to grips with manual handling

Posted under Health and safety, News, Office, Warehouse on October 3, 2012

Hand truck for offices and warehousesOver a third of injuries that keep people off work for more than three days at a time are caused by manual handling – falls and trips account for much of the rest. As a consequence there are many regulations governing activities such as pulling, pushing, carrying, lifting and loading. The following provides some suggestions on how to improve manual handling techniques and reduce accidents.

The first thing to consider is whether the object needs … Read more

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Press release: Workplace website now open for business

Posted under News, Press Release, Website & Features on May 21, 2012

The Workplace Depot logo

The Workplace Depot Opens new site!

Central Source, a leading supplier of workplace equipment, announces the launch of its new website . If you’re a budding entrepreneur looking to open your first office or the Facilities manager of a large operation needing to replace equipment, everything is now just a few mouse clicks away with our ‘one stop e-shop’. is so confident of offering the best prices on the web, that they are … Read more

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