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Monthly Archives: August 2015

Business Fire Protection Day

Posted under Health and safety, Office on August 28, 2015

Fire Safety EquipmentAs business fire protection day approaches (31st August), it is important to remember that the safety of your staff and customers should always be at the forefront of your mind. There are certain regulations that govern the items every business must have, and it is best to familiarize yourself with what is required of you. This equipment is designed to keep people safe and prevent accidents in the work place. Stock up on everything you … Read more

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What Kind of Trolleys Does Your Business Need?

Posted under Product Updates on August 27, 2015

All businesses are in need of a way to move inventory without causing injury to its employees. A heavy-duty platform trolley is the perfect tool to get the job done. These can be tailored to meet the different needs of your company. These devices come in a variety of styles and functionalities, so you won’t have trouble finding one that is perfect for your industry.

Platform Trolleys

If your business is in need of a … Read more

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Four Types of Shelving Units You May Need For Your Business

Posted under Product Updates, Storage on August 25, 2015

shelving unitsShelving systems are an integral part of any business. Whether it is a retail space or large industrial building, these devices can keep products neatly displayed; but they are not all made from the same materials. Some are made from sturdy metal and others have small plastic bins to keep small item organized. When it comes to selecting the right one, you should consider the different types of shelving units available on the market and … Read more

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Create The Ideal Staff Room

Posted under Office, Workplace Commentary on August 20, 2015

The Ideal Staff CafeteriaA letter from the people in our warehouse

Staff Room – A Little Rest And Relaxation

Like most people, I need a place to go when I take a rest from working hard. That’s why I value having a staff room. There, I can find some respite and then return to work refreshed. Personally, I have a job where I stand on my feet throughout my shift, so it’s really important to me that the … Read more

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Others Compete on Price. We Compete on Value

Posted under News on August 13, 2015

TThe Workplace Depot Logohe Workplace Depot is your one-stop-shop destination for all of your business needs. We compete on value with every item we carry plus we strive to offer unparalleled customer service.

The Workplace Depot’s Innovations in Customer Service

We want your shopping experience to be as pleasant, friendly, and easy as possible, so we are continually upgrading our website and our services. With an eye toward making our website more customer friendly, we implemented some … Read more

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Workplace Dress Code and Uniforms: What is the Benefit?

Posted under Office, Workplace Commentary on August 6, 2015

Having Workplace Dress Code and Uniforms What is the Benefitan workplace dress code in your workplace will often depend on where it is that you work. For example, working in a business office or law firm will require you to dress professionally. Meanwhile, working at a grocery store, warehouse, restaurant or even in the army will almost always require you to wear a uniform. Now the question is –  are these clothing choices beneficial to the workplace in general? I’ll quickly go through … Read more

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5 Tips to Develop Good Workplace Habits

Posted under Office, Workplace Commentary on August 4, 2015

Whether they are positive or negative, you have a list of workplace habits. You may not have ever thought that you have them, butgood workplace habits you have inevitably developed some over time. It is human nature to fall into habits, but it is up to you to make sure that you develop good habits in order to create consistency in your life. Good habits improve your productivity at work. They’ll help make you a better … Read more

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