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Housekeeping Cart

Housekeeping carts by Rubbermaid for larger hotels

Housekeeping carts by Rubbermaid for larger hotels

Rubbermaid housekeeping carts showing accessories



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Item Information

  • Designed for larger hotels - can service up to 16 rooms
  • Silent non-marking wheels (20cm) with two locking brakes
  • Reduction in strain and injuries
  • Easy mobility in corridors and corners
  • Light and versatile
  • Made from Polypropylene

4 Optional Cart Accessories (2nd image) - Factory Fitted:

  • Locking door kit to protect contents
  • Canvas linen bag - polyester
  • Protective security hood - lockable to keep safe and concealed
  • Fabric linen accessory mesh bag - ideal for transporting additional clean towels/linens

  Warranty: 1 year parts / labour

Made in USAMade in: USA

Lead Time2-3 working days
Lead Time2-3 working days

Housekeeping Cart

These high quality Rubbermaid housekeeping carts are mostly used at larger hotels since they can service up to 16 rooms and are highly manoeuvrable.

Who else can use the Housekeeping carts?

Aside from large hotels, they are very often used in railway stations and shopping centres. Two well known leisure and retail centres in London have purchased them and they were attracted by the durability of the product - it is one thing being used in a quaint hotel, but clearly in places like railways stations and shopping centres they are likely to get much more wear and tear, so strength and durability are important factors.

Optional Cart Accessories

These include a locking door kit to protect contents, a canvas linen bag, a lockable hood and fabric linen accessory mesh bag for additional clean towels.                         

What is the purpose of House Keeping Cart?

The house keeping cart is higly convenient for ferrying laundry, clean linen, cleaning equipment, toiletries and as such in large hotel establishments or guest houses. The functional design with ample shelf and bag storage spaces for linen and smaller toiletries allow for a one-round service of up to 16 rooms. The house keeping cart comes with wide, rubber coated 8 inch wheels, to allow easy quiet movement through rooms and bumpers that help avoid scrape marks on walls when negotiating corners and corridors. It is also fitted with two locking brakes that immobilize it when at a standstill for easy off loading of linen and other materials.

Where can House Keeping Cart be used?

Generally the house keeping cart is widely used in the hotel industry; however, as its design is multipurpose, durable and light, it can be used in large outlet stores to ferry stock loads. Hospitals can also benefit greatly for ferrying clean bed linen and toiletries for ward beds. The compact house keeping cart can be convenient for janitorial work in offices and other premises that require large loads of cleaning equipment to be hauled around while cleaning.

Who might use this product?

The most obvious users of this product are house keeping staffs in large and small hotels. The standard shelves allow for a lot of linen to be placed on them and the top shelve can be used for placing small toiletries such as soaps, toilet tissue, deodorizers etc. There is also space for linen where an optional canvas linen bag can be placed as well as space where an optional fabric mesh bag can be fitted to carry more linen. The other accessories include a door kit to protect the contents of the shelves, and a lockable hood to cover and protect small items placed on the top of the cart. There is also a vacuum holder to allow ferrying of the same when one needs to vacuum rooms. Store attendants can use the cart for ferrying stock to store shelves and janitors can use it to ferry around cleaning equipment.


The house keeping cart is made of polypropylene which is light and durable. There are two models; the large house keeping cart which is assembled with dimensions of 1270 x 1524 x 559 and the compact or medium cart with dimensions of 1270 x 1245 x 559. The carts’ optional accessories dimensions such as doors kit are 770H x 430W, lockable hood are 444 x 803 x 517 and the canvas linen bag is 838 x 267 x 429 with fabric linen accessory mesh bag being 429 x 838 x 267. They both come in black colour only. The Workplace Depot offers a standard one year warranty on all parts and labor. Our house keeping carts fully comply with all local council and government regulative manufacturing requirements to ensure the safety of your customers and staff.

Interesting facts about House Keeping Carts

Interestingly some railway stations do use the house keeping carts for their daily service rounds. The compact size is easy to manouvre in train stations. The Workplace Depot provides free delivery within mainland UK excluding Northern and Southern Ireland within 5 to 7 working days.

What is the purpose of a fabric linen accessory mesh bag?

Housekeeping carts typically have a linen laundry bag at one end and a fabric linen accessory mesh bag on the other. This bag is where fresh linen is stacked for use, away from the soiled linen. The mesh bag’s open side ensures easy loading and unloading of fresh linen, and enables your housekeeping staff to conveniently take out fresh sheets or towels whenever they need to.

Where can a fabric linen accessory mesh bag be used?

This accessory is used on the housekeeping cart available online. It fits snugly into the space designed for it, and keeps your clean linen from falling out of the cart and getting soiled even before they are used. As such, this accessory is used in hotels and other hospitality establishments that regularly change fresh linen in guest rooms every day. It can also be used in restaurants where table cloths are changed on a regular basis.

Who might use this product?

Any hospitality professional will immediately see the value of this accessory product, which is not only highly functional, but has aesthetic appeal as well. The black colour blends perfectly with the housekeeping cart and keeps everything coordinated. This can be used by housekeeping professionals across a whole gamut of hospitality establishments.

Fabric Linen Accessory Mesh Bag specifications

This product is made from high-quality materials and is durable as well as convenient to install on the housekeeping cart for which it is an accessory that can be purchased separately. The bag clicks into place in a matter of seconds, and is easily removed for cleaning. The Workplace Depot offers a standard one year warranty on all parts and labor. Our fabric linen accessory mesh bags fully comply with all local council and government regulative manufacturing requirements to ensure the safety of your customers and staff.

Interesting facts about mesh

The strongest form of mesh fabric is bullet-proof and is regularly used by law enforcement personnel around the world. It is essentially made from stainless steel wire, and is a type of wire fabric that is surprisingly flexible, and therefore convenient to make bullet-proof vests with.

What is the purpose of a canvas linen bag?

Hotels, Inns and other establishments that provide overnight accommodations typically have hundreds of items of soiled linen that need to be collected and sent to the laundry service on a daily basis. This product, designed specifically for use with our housekeeping carts, provides a strong and durable receptacle for all your dirty laundry (literally speaking, of course.) With this canvas linen bag in place, your housekeeping cart is complete and ready to use.

Where can a canvas linen bag be used?

This canvas linen bag can be used with our popular model of housekeeping cart, and is typically used in hotels, restaurants, inns and bed and breakfasts, where soiled linen is regularly handled. Keeping your linen safe means using the right kind of bag, and this durable product serves that purpose well. It is designed to be used in any high-load facility and can thereby save additional trips for housekeeping staff.

Who might use this product?

Anyone who has purchased the housekeeping cart will find this to be a useful accessory – one that the cart is incomplete without. With this nifty accessory, you can now rest assured that your dirty linen has a safe receptacle to be carried in until it reaches the laundry facility at your establishment. Managing linen can be quite difficult if you don’t have the right tools, so get this installed in all your housekeeping carts and give the benefit of convenience to your housekeeping staff.

Canvas Linen Bag: product specifications

This product is made from high-quality canvas and is extremely durable, and, thereby, suitable for ferrying heavy loads of laundry on a daily basis. The product measures 838(H) X 267 (L) X 429(W), and is designed to be installed on the housekeeping cart from our collection. The Workplace Depot offers a standard one year-warranty on all parts and labour. Our canvas linen bags fully comply with all local council and government regulative manufacturing requirements to ensure the safety of your customers and staff.

Interesting facts about canvas

The word canvas is thought to have originated from the Latin cannapaceus, which itself is taken from the original Greek word for cannabis (κάνναβις), or hemp, from which canvas was originally made. Today, however, linen and cotton are the popular materials used to make this tough fabric which is used for making products as diverse as painting media and shoes.

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