Flat Platform Truck
Flat bed platform truck
Flatbed platform truck
Flat Platform Truck
Flat bed platform truck
Flatbed platform truck

Flat Platform Truck

  • 500kg Capacity
  • All steel welded construction
  • Tongue and grovve 25mm timber base platform
  • 4 platform sizes
  • T-handle or pram handle steering
  • Solid rubber or pneumatic tyred wheels
  • Blu painted framework finish
10-15 days


10-15 days


1 year parts / labour

Product Variations

Code: T109PQPR Platform (mm): 1525 x 711 Dimensions (mm): 1525(W) x 711(D) Wheels: Pneumatic Handles: Pram Price: £470.00 £446.50
Code: T110PQPR Platform (mm): 1828 x 762 Dimensions (mm): 1828(W) x 762(D) Wheels: Pneumatic Handles: Pram Price: £501.00 £475.95
Code: T109PQCR Platform (mm): 1525 x 711 Dimensions (mm): 1525(W) x 711(D) Wheels: Solid Handles: Pram Price: £522.00 £495.90
Code: T111TQCR Platform (mm): 1525 x 762 Dimensions (mm): 1525(W) x 762(D) Wheels: Solid Handles: T handle Price: £610.00 £579.50


Code: PB Accessories: Parking brake for "T" series platform trucks Price: £78.00 £74.10

Flat Platform Truck

When it comes to tools that are valuable in both home and business environments, there are multiple traits to look for. Any unit should be durable in order to provide years of reliable service and should also be very easy to use. Transporting, storing, and displaying certain items in a neat and organized manner is very important in many businesses and for many home projects. The Flat Bed Platform Truck is a sturdy and reliable tool offered by The Workplace Depot to help make moving and storing items much easier.

What is The Purpose of The Flat Platform Truck?

The flat platform truck is designed to help individuals transport large or bulky items from location to location with ease. With a user-friendly design engineered to make steering easy for anyone, the truck can help make any job or task easier. Getting the right materials for any task is vital whether it is at a commercial or residential facility. The flat bed allows for displays and tool sets to be neatly organized and taken to appropriate locations to save time and energy.

Where Can This Product be Used?

This product can be used at any residential or commercial facility where displaying, storing, or transporting items is needed. This versatile unit allows for items which are organized or set up in a particular way to be taken to new locations. This can prove very valuable in workplaces, construction zones, automotive shops, and more. In addition, homeowners can use this unit to make painting, yard work, or any type of DIY project quicker and more efficient.

Who Might Use This Product?

This product is usable by anyone, as the user-friendly steering set up makes it easy to maneuver even if it is loaded to maximum capacity. Storeroom managers, busy homeowners, and mechanics can all make use of this valuable unit. The durable and versatile design makes the unit a great choice for a variety of locations and for a variety of trades.

Additional Product Information and Specifications

With a robust 1000kg capacity and all steel welded construction, the flat platform truck can hold plenty of items and handle whatever the job calls for. The unique “T handle” towing design makes moving the cart extremely easy, and four platform sizes are available to give you the right fit for your unique need. We will match any price, so let us help you improve your home or business with the flat platform truck today!

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