Easy action industrial safety steps

4 Step Easy Action Safety Steps

  • Fully welded steel construction
  • Rubber covered non slip treads
  • 559mm Tread width
  • All 4 swivel rubber tyred castors retract when steps in use
  • Average working height is 2415mm
  • All our steps are manufactured to order, therefore please check all dimensions thoroughly as we are unable to accept any returns

The 4 Step Easy Action Safety Steps have been load tested in 2013 by a UK specialist lifting equipment testing & design company who are members of the Lifting Equipment Engineers Association. They were tested to a max. load of 150 KG evenly distributed on the platform applied using calibrated test weights. As far as we are aware, no other manufacturer tests to these vigorous standards.

Also available in 5 step and 6 step configurations

10-15 working days


10-15 working days


1 year parts / labour

Product Variations

Code: BC5941/B Overall Dimensions (mm): 1805(H) x 520(W) x 920(D) Platform Height (mm): 915 Colour/Options: Price: £466.00 £442.70
Code: BC5941/G Overall Dimensions (mm): 1805(H) x 520(W) x 920(D) Platform Height (mm): 915 Colour/Options: Price: £466.00 £442.70
Code: BC5941/OR Overall Dimensions (mm): 1805(H) x 520(W) x 920(D) Platform Height (mm): 915 Colour/Options: Price: £466.00 £442.70
Code: BC5941/R Overall Dimensions (mm): 1805(H) x 520(W) x 920(D) Platform Height (mm): 915 Colour/Options: Price: £466.00 £442.70

4 Step Easy Action Safety Steps

These are the best selling industrial steps on the market and are available in blue, green, orange and red. Just step on to immobilise and step off to mobilise.

What is the purpose of easy action safety steps?

Safety steps are an integral part of any business that stocks its wares or stores it on shelves. To conserve and optimise space, most shelves in such businesses are quite high. Unfortunately, some sort of manual elevation tool is required to reach the top shelves in most cases. This is where this product pitches in to save the day. The best part about the design is that the wheels retract and are disabled as soon as a person’s weight is put on the first tread. That means, the product is mobile when unused, and extremely stable when being used.

Where can easy action safety stepsbe used?

This product can be used in most supermarkets that have fairly high upper racks on their shelves. It can also be used in places like libraries, which are known to have high shelves in order to conserve and maximise space. In addition, it can be used in warehouse inventory management, hotel storage areasand stock rooms in small or large shops. Their mobility and stability make them ideal for any location that requires people to regularly climb up and reach something on a high shelf - or even at ceiling level, in some cases.

Who might use this product?

This truly ‘easy’ piece of equipment is so convenient to have around that anyone who needs to regularly or occasionally reach up beyond what their natural height will allow. It is ideal for stock takers and inventory in-charges, supermarket shelf stockers and librarians, warehouse workers and stock room employees and just about anyone who needs a ‘leg up’, as it were. Its convenient design provides stability, convenience, comfort and, most of all, safety. Therefore, it is advisable for anyone with an ‘elevated’ need for greater personal height to own one.

Specs for Easy Action Safety Steps

The unique design of the easy action safety steps eliminates the need to manually steady the unit while in use. The weight of the person will automatically force the legs down and the wheels to retract, so instant stability is achieved. The product is available in 3-tread, 4-tread, 5-tread and 6-tread options.  Non-slip treads provide greater stability when using the product, and swivel castors make it extremely manoeuvrable. The product is made in the UK and adheres to all safety and manufacturing standards that currently apply to this category of product. A one-year standard parts and labour warranty covers this item.

Interesting facts about safety steps and step ladders

Safety steps and step ladders come in all sizes, designs, shapes and varieties. Caution is always advised when using one of these contraptions, but people tend not to listen to the voice of reason most of the time. Here are some interesting rules about ladders and such that might make you want to read the manual again! Do not “walk” a ladder to get it to move sideways. This is one of the more dangerous pursuits that can only be attempted by a trained professional. If you want to walk high, get stilts – to the uninitiated, those are ladders without the rungs! Despite what popular slapstick humour teaches you, DO NOT shake or kick a ladder that someone is using. This is very dangerous – for the user at the time of shaking or kicking, and for you once they’ve come down safely. This one’s so obvious that one wonders why it’s there at all, but here goes: when descending safety steps or a step ladder, watch out for that last step! This might sound humorous, but an untold number of accidents have happened because someone misjudged the height of that final step, often leading to what could have truly been their final step.

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