Double Scissor Lift Table
Double Scissor Lift Table
Double Scissor Lift Table
Double Scissor Lift Table
Double Scissor Lift Table
Double Scissor Lift Table

Double Scissor Lift Table

  • 125 - 800kg capacities
  • High quality UK built mobile scissor table
  • Manual and electric models available
  • Overload and slow lowering valves fitted
  • Toe guards fitted as standard
  • Conform to all EU regulations
  • Blue
  • Battery electric models are also available, please call us for information
10-20 working days


10-20 working days


1 year parts / labour

Product Variations

SC-125-D-M Code: SC-125-D-M Capacity (KG): 125 Description: Manual Dimensions (mm): 430-1420(H) x 840(W) x 500(D) Max Height (mm): 1420 Min Height (mm): 430 Platform (mm): 500 x 840 Price: £757.00 £741.86
SC-300-D-M Code: SC-300-D-M Capacity (KG): 300 Description: Manual Dimensions (mm): 295-1350(H) x 840(W) x 590(D) Max Height (mm): 1350 Min Height (mm): 295 Platform (mm): 590 x 840 Price: £805.00 £788.90
SC-450-D-M Code: SC-450-D-M Capacity (KG): 450 Description: Manual Dimensions (mm): 295-1550(H) x 1030(W) x 610(D) Max Height (mm): 1550 Min Height (mm): 295 Platform (mm): 610 x 1030 Price: £883.00 £865.34
SC-500-D-M Code: SC-500-D-M Capacity (KG): 500 Description: Manual Dimensions (mm): 490-1900(H) x 1350(W) x 840(D) Max Height (mm): 1900 Min Height (mm): 490 Platform (mm): 840 x 1350 Price: £1,949.00 £1,910.02
SC-800-D-M Code: SC-800-D-M Capacity (KG): 800 Description: Manual Dimensions (mm): 490-1900(H) x 1350(W) x 840(D) Max Height (mm): 1900 Min Height (mm): 490 Platform (mm): 840 x 1350 Price: £2,138.00 £2,095.24


H273 Code: H273 Description: Roller Top for SC-300-S & SC-125-D Mobile Scissor Lifts Price: £402.00 £393.96
H274 Code: H274 Description: Roller Top for SC-500-S, SC-300-D & SC-450-D Mobile Scissor Lifts Price: £484.00 £474.32
F20-116 Code: F20-116 Description: Bellow Skirt for SC-300-D Mobile Double Scissor Lift Price: £492.00 £482.16
F20-133 Code: F20-133 Description: Bellow Skirt for SC-125-D Mobile Double Scissor Lift Price: £492.00 £482.16
H275 Code: H275 Description: Roller Top for SC-800-S, SC-1250-S, SC-500-D, SC-800-D & SC-500-T Mobile Scissor Lifts Price: £730.00 £715.40
F20-137 Code: F20-137 Description: Bellow Skirt for SC-450-D Mobile Double Scissor Lift Price: £879.00 £861.42
F20-135 Code: F20-135 Description: Bellow Skirt for SC-500-D & SC-800-D Mobile Double Scissor Lifts Price: £1,542.00 £1,511.16

Double Scissor Lift Table

What Is The Purpose Of The Double Scissor Lift Table?

This powerful lift gives you access to lift to new heights. Because of the double scissor lift table, you’ll have the ability to lift to up to 1900mm in height. All heights and weight limits vary per model see please check the catalogue for a full range of options. Give yourself a double scissor lift that’s been built right here in the UK. This lift conforms to the strict EU standards so that you know it’s been built well, and built to be safe. All units come fitted with a variety of safety features such as toe guards, overload and slow lowering valves as standard features.

The double scissor lift table can handle up to 800kg and have reinforced castor wheels to safely carry your goods around the floor. The mobile lift provides a simple and safe way to lift and transport those awkward items that once would’ve strained your back. Save yourself the time and money now. Choose to wheel it around manually or get the electric model to power your load around. To find out more about how to get your own double scissor lift, powered or not, contact us today.

Where Can The Double Scissor Lift Be Used?

This double lift works to raise up your items to higher heights, so anybody needing heavy items lifted up high should consider this as a permanent addition to their tools. You’ll find mechanics lifting up heavy blocks and parts. You’ll see warehouses regularly lifting and shifting awkward, cumbersome loads.

Who Might Use The Double Scissor Lift Table?

If you need a mobile work space, this mobile table works just as hard as you do. Auto mechanics, pallet workers, metal workers, miners, and dock workers all have uses for this powerful double scissor lift table.

Double Scissor Lift Table Specifications

  • 150-800kg in weight lifting capabilities.

  • Heights of up to 1900mm. See catalogue for specific amounts.

  • Safety features include toe guards, overload and lowering valves.

  • UK built.

  • EU guideline conforming.

  • Manual models as standard. Contact for electric model pricing.

  • 1 year warranty on all parts and labour.

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