Best SellerDouble End Modular Platform Truck
Modular Platform Truck
Double End Modular Platform Trolley
Double End Modular Platform Truck
Modular Platform Truck
Double End Modular Platform Trolley

Double End Modular Platform Truck

  • Tubular and angle welded steel framework
  • Beech veneered heavy duty particle board base deck
  • 2 braked swivel and 2 fixed castors
  • Nonmarking grey TPE tyres
  • Euronorm 1757-3 compliant
  • Blue RAL5007 powder coated finish as standard
  • Now available in any colour - details

COLOURS: If you want a bespoke RAL colour you must state this in the comments field when ordering & we will contact you for details. Note that this takes up to 20 working days and is an extra 10% on the net price.

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10 year parts / labour

Product Variations

Code: WPD45724 Platform (mm): 850 x 500 Dimensions (mm): 950(H) x 509(W) x 1030(D) Capacity (KG): 400 Wheel Dia (mm): 160 Weight (KG): 30 Price: £588.00 £294.00
Code: 2521 Platform (mm): 1000 x 600 Dimensions (mm): 990(H) x 609(W) x 1180(D) Capacity (KG): 600 Wheel Dia (mm): 200 Weight (KG): 36 Price: £342.00 £324.90
Code: 2522 Platform (mm): 1000 x 700 Dimensions (mm): 990(H) x 709(W) x 1180(D) Capacity (KG): 600 Wheel Dia (mm): 200 Weight (KG): 39 Price: £347.00 £329.65
Code: 2523 Platform (mm): 1200 x 800 Dimensions (mm): 990(H) x 809(W) x 1380(D) Capacity (KG): 600 Wheel Dia (mm): 200 Weight (KG): 46 Price: £368.00 £349.60

Double End Modular Platform Truck

Sturdy moving carts are popular tools for businesses and workshops. They can also be a handy addition to any garage or storage shed. There are several things to look for in units of this kind. The unit should be sturdy and able to handle a large load, but it should also be able to protect items during transit. The ability to move it from one location is also very important, and it should also be able to accommodate wider items or objects with unique dimensions. The Double End Modular Platform Truck is a versatile unit from The Workplace Depot that offers all of these qualities.

What is The Purpose of the Modular Platform Truck?

Transporting items is important for many business functions and home projects. It can be difficult to find a unit that is sturdy, versatile, and safe. However, the modular platform truck combines an impressive design with two particle board sides to safely move any item or tool from one location to the next. More versatile than trolleys and easier to use than heavy pallets, the modular platform truck is a great addition to any stockroom or utility shed.

Where Can This Product be Used?

This product is a versatile unit which can be used in multiple locations. In workshops, garages, and laboratories, there are many projects which require specific types of tools and components. However, there are many times when said items need to be transported from one station to another. The modular platform truck can be used to neatly organize items and move them safely to any location.

Who Might Use This Product?

While business owners can benefit from having this versatile unit on hand, its useful nature is not limited to commercial establishments. Homeowners who regularly take part in cleaning jobs, renovations, and other tasks around their place of residence can use this rugged unit to bring along any tool they need. This can help speed up any job and make the task much easier.

Additional Product Information and Specifications

The modular platform truck utilizes a tubular and angle-welded steel design to hold items and protect them between two beech veneered particle board sides. The unit is compliant with euronorm 1757-3 standard and is available in any colour. We will match any price and provide warranties with all products. Consider improving your home or business today with the handy modular platform truck!

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