Budget Scissor Lift
budget lifting table
hydraulic scissor lift table
Budget Scissor Lift
budget lifting table
hydraulic scissor lift table

Budget Scissor Lift

  • 500 - 2000kg Scissor lifts
  • 415v 3-phase as standard or 230v single phase at no extra charge
  • Push button controls with safety trip bars
  • CE Marked
  • EN1570 european standard
  • Hose failure safety valve
4-35 working days


4-35 working days


1 year parts / labour

Product Variations

Code: CL1001 Capacity (KG): 1000 Dimensions (mm): 1000(H) x 1200(W) x 800(D) Height (mm): 180 - 1000 Lift/Lower Time: 15 Platform (mm): 1200 x 800 Colour/Options: Price: £2,827.00 £2,770.46
Code: CL2000 Capacity (KG): 2000 Dimensions (mm): 1020(H) x 1300(W) x 800(D) Height (mm): 200 - 1020 Lift/Lower Time: 17 Platform (mm): 1300 x 800 Colour/Options: Price: £3,534.00 £3,463.32
Code: CB1500B Capacity (KG): 1500 Dimensions (mm): 1210(H) x 1500(W) x 1000(D) Height (mm): 210 - 1210 Lift/Lower Time: 17 Platform (mm): 1500 x 1000 Colour/Options: Price: £3,950.00 £3,871.00

Budget Scissor Lift

What Is The Purpose Of The Budget Scissor Lift?

This budget lift is perfect for any work that you need to do without bending over or straining to lift. The budget scissor lift is an economical solution to getting heavy products off the ground and up at a safe working height for you to access. The 3-phase standard lift comes with a capacity of 1000-2000kg, depending on the model. All controls are simple push buttons so you simply need to raise it to the perfect height, knowing that there are safety trip bars to ensure nothing falls down unless you push the button to make it do so.

CE marked for your safety and peace of mind means that this budget scissor lift meets all the stringent requirements of the European Economic Area.  You can safely lift your equipment to a height of 1000-1200mm, depending on the model. The platform is spacious with at least 1200x800mm of workspace allowed. The larger models have more room, so please check your specific model. Save yourself the hassle and backache by using this time-saving tool.

Where Can The Budget Scissor Lift Be Used?

You can find the budget scissor lift in use in many mechanic and engineer shops. To work on heavy equipment requires some lifting, so it’s better to use the budget scissor lift to get heavy products up to your height, rather than bending down to its height. You’ll also find the budget scissor lift in operation in warehouses and repair centres around the country.

Who Might Use The Budget Scissor Lift?

Businesses that require a solution to lift heavy items, but want to do so in an economical way will make good use of this lift. The budget lift provides a solution for any business, regardless of their size. Small engine repairmen, aircraft engineers, auto mechanics, and other trade that involves heavy equipment that requires attention will benefit from this on their workplace floor.

Budget Scissor Lift Specifications

  • Platform size from 1200x800mm – 1300x800mm or 1500x1000mm

  • 3-phase 415V standard or 230v single phase for no additional cost.

  • CE marked for your safety.

  • Meets the European Standard EN1570 governing lifts.

  • Lifting capacity of 1000-2000kg. See catalogue for models.

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