Heavy Duty Super 3 Way Sack Truck
3 Way Sack Truck - ideal for any business
Heavy Duty Sack Truck for any business
Heavy Duty Super 3 Way Sack Truck
3 Way Sack Truck - ideal for any business
Heavy Duty Sack Truck for any business

3 in 1 Sack Truck

  • The only truck most businesses would need
  • Folds away when not required
  • Quickly converts between three modes
  • 250kg capacity in all 3 positions
  • Pneumatic tyres
  • Weighs: 19kg
  • Note: Wheels need to be fitted on site
2-3 working days


2-3 working days


1 year parts / labour

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Code: WPX39371
Colour: Red Footplate (mm): 300(W) x 620(D) Overall Dimensions (mm): 1275(H) x 614(W) x 560(D) Tyres: Pneumatic Price: £139.00 £69.50


Description: Cable Protector Trolley Dimensions (mm): 1420(H) x 480(W) x 450(D) Price: £519.00 £259.50

3 in 1 Sack Truck

It's not often that catalog writers are prone to superfluous superlatives, but this heavy duty super 3 way sack truck grabbed us by the lapels and demanded that we do just that once we saw what it could do. This cart transforms between 3 types of handy cart in less time than it takes for you to say “Transformers 3, Revenge of the Fallen, Was the worst Transformers movie ever.” It would have been a relief to have some “star power” in this movie of the type that this sack truck-trolley-cart hybrid has.

It starts out looking like a normal everyday sack truck. Carrying up to 250Kgs and doing a safe and reliable job at that would be worth the price alone. With its rugged tubular steel welded construction there is no sack trucking scenario that this champion would find difficult.

Slide the locking release over and the castor wheels deploy to form a 45 degree trolley very similar to the ones used every day to haul 200 Litre drums to and fro. (Among other things.) Pull another release catch and you can slip the tee-shaped cart handle to it’s deployed mode while changing the angle to 90 degrees and you have a very fine cart seeming to look you in the eye and making the outrageous claim he is Optimus Prime.

It bobbles the mind when trying to list the many work-related scenarios for which this would be the ideal cart. It’s a fantastic cart to be the first cart you ever buy for you start up.

Sack truck disclaimer

What is the purpose of a Heavy Duty Super 3 Way Sack Truck?

This truck is used for ferrying goods. It has a maximum load bearing capacity of 250 kilograms. It is designed to have three modes of deployment. The first is as a normal sack truck which is tilted to pivot the load off the ground and balance it on the two wheels. The second mode of deployment is where the release mechanism is slid to unlock the hidden castor wheels. This gives it a forty five degree angle of deployment. The third mode of deployment is where a second release mechanism is deployed. This releases a T shaped cart handle deployed at ninety degrees to the main framework of the cart. The cart lies horizontal to the ground making the sack truck into a flat bed cart. The footplate turns into a restraining hold preventing products from slipping off as the cart is pulled forward.

Where can a Heavy Duty Super 3 Way Sack Truck be used?

This truck is designed for heavy business use. The first deployment mode is suitable for carrying goods as in any normal truck. The second deployment mode is useful where the products being transported need to be carried almost horizontally but kept stable. The forty five degree placement of the cart combined with the extra wheels make it very stable for such use. In this mode it can be used to ferry barrels while keeping them stable. The third deployment mode is useful where the employee lugging goods needs extra space horizontally or maximum stability for carrying very many heavy goods. In all the modes of deployment it is able to carry three hundred kilograms.

Who might use this product?

The Heavy Duty Super 3 Way Sack Truck is ideal for heavy commercial users. Employees tasked with carrying large quantities of heavy products would benefit from this product. Its added versatility makes it ideal for use in a wide range of situations. It can be used to lug sacks, port luggage, carry baggage, and stock warehouses.

Heavy Duty Super 3 Way Sack Truck product specifications and warranties

The product specifications are; it is constructed from a robust tubular steel structure. This is deployed on two cushioned rubber tire wheels. There are also two smaller cushioned rubber wheels in swiveling bases which can be folded into the mechanism when not in use. The truck’s dimensions are 1275 x 614 x 560 millimeters, vertical height, width, and depth respectively. The footplate’s dimensions are 300 x 620mm. 

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