1600kg Fully Powered Pallet Stacker
1600kg Fully Powered Pallet Stacker
1600kg Fully Powered Pallet Stacker
1600kg Fully Powered Pallet Stacker
1600kg Fully Powered Pallet Stacker
1600kg Fully Powered Pallet Stacker

1600kg Fully Powered Pallet Stacker

  • Suitable for handling Euro pallets or similar open-bottom pallets
  • Power steering fitted as standard
  • Battery discharge indicator
  • Operating hours meter
  • Full free lift
  • Triplex mast
5-7 working days


5-7 working days


1 year parts / labour

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Code: LPS16.45 Forks L x W (mm): 1150 Max Lift Height (mm): 4500 Price: £9,445.00 £9,256.10

1600kg Fully Powered Pallet Stacker

What Is The Purpose Of The 1600 Kg Fully Powered Pallet Stacker?

Perfect for the pallet stackers that need a little extra lift, the 1600kg fully powered pallet stacker allows you handle any pallet your company may have to deal with. Give yourself the gift of power with this heavy duty pallet stacker. It’s perfect for handling any sort of open-bottomed pallet, such as the standard Euro pallet. It takes the load of up to 1600kg and can provide you with a lift height of 4500mm.

If you need the height and the power, this machine can handle it all. Fully powered by a heavy duty 280Ah/24V battery, you’ll never be stuck for power. If you should check the battery discharge meter and find it’s getting low, you can always use the built-in charger to maximise the lifespan of your fully powered pallet stacker. Supported by a triplex mast, this pallet stacker won’t let you down. Get your information right here on how this could benefit your business.

Where Can The 1600kg Fully Powered Pallet Stacker Be Used?

If you have a warehouse that regularly deals with extra heavy pallets like machine parts or heavy blocks, this pallet stacker will come in handy. If you need something that can handle both the small jobs and the extra-large, get the 1600kg model of the powered pallet stacker.

Who Might Use The 1600kg Fully Powered Pallet Stacker?

No forklift license is required to use this machine, so literally anybody can be trained to operate the fully powered pallet stacker. Power steering makes this such an easy piece of equipment to operate that the time savings will pay you back in no time at all. Warehouse operators, showroom staff, office supply chains, and fulfilment centres will find this pallet stacker works as hard as they do.

1600kg Fully Powered Pallet Stacker Specifications

  • Lifting capacity of 1600kg

  • Triplex mast to handle the weight.

  • Maximum height lift of 4500mm for the very top shelves.

  • 1 year warranty on all parts and labour.

  • Operating hours and battery discharge meter.

  • 24V/280Ah Heavy Duty battery and charger included.

  • Handles all open-bottomed pallets and Euro style pallets.

  • 1150mm forks length, adjustable in width.

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