Economy 150kg sack truck
Value 150kg sack truck - discounted price
Economy sack trolly
Economy 150kg sack truck
Value 150kg sack truck - discounted price
Economy sack trolly

Economy Sack Truck 150kg

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  • Steel constructed truck with rear vertical centre support
  • Footplate 305mm wide x 190mm deep
  • 165 x 50mm rubber tyred plain bore wheels
  • 150kg capacity
  • Blue
  • Product weight 11kg

The economy sack truck is a quality, British made product and has a superior powder coat finish.

COLOURS: Bespoke RAL colours  available. You must state this in the comments field when ordering & we will contact you for details. Delivery times might vary. A 10% surcharge might be applicable.  

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Code: BC129
Description: 150kg Sack Truck Dimensions (mm): 1080(H) x 430(W) Price: £128.00 £121.60

Economy Sack Truck 150kg

What is the purpose of an Economy Sack Truck 150 Kg capacity?

The Economy Sack Truck with 150 Kg capacity is an important tool used in the transport of sacks, boxes or bags. The wheeled implement moves materials from one point to another with ease. The sack truck is shaped like an L and the handle is used to steer the truck. The load is slid through the footplate and the truck is lifted backwards with the handles so that the weight is distributed throughout the rear vertical centre support. Unloading with the sack truck is done by simply tilting the truck upright and releasing the load by sliding it away from the footplate. It is a simple yet versatile transporting tool for commercial purposes and home projects.

Where can an Economy Sack Truck 150 Kg capacity be used?

The Economy Sack Truck is used in shops and factories where transport of goods is a daily activity. It may also be used in schools and homes. It is a necessary tool in supermarkets and businesses engaged in delivery and distribution. It is essential equipment in furniture shops, pharmacies, groceries stores, gardens and parks. Businesses offering janitorial, laundry and maintenance services use the Economy Sack Truck.

Who might use this product?

Delivery as well as distribution personnel will find great use for this transporting product. Staff that is required to move stock from the warehouse to the display shelves in supermarkets can utilize the Economy Sack Truck. Office and school personnel can easily carry their paraphernalia from one place to another with this wheeled device. Unloading groceries from the car and moving them inside the house can be done safely by adult family members using the sack truck. Gardeners, janitorial staff, maintenance crew, interior designers and painters can move their tools without difficulty with this moving equipment.

Economy Sack Truck 150 Kg capacity product specifications - warranties, materials, legislation

The Economy Sack Truck is a steel constructed truck with rear vertical support that can bear heavy loads. It is equipped with 165 x 50 mm rubber tyred plain bore wheels for just the right traction while the rubber handles ensure easy grips. The sack truck can hold as much as 150 kg loads. It has a footplate measuring 305mm wide x 190 mm deep. Its dimensions of 1000mm (H) x 450mm (W) allow maneuverability through limited workspace. With its 11.5 kg-weight, this sack truck can be conveniently stored inside any transporting vehicle or towed away neatly when not in use. The parts of this product are powder coated making the surface high gloss and chip-resistant. The Workplace Depot offers a standard one year warranty on all parts and labor. Our sack trucks fully comply with all local council and government regulative manufacturing requirements to ensure the safety of your customers and staff.

Interesting facts about the Economy Sack Truck 150 Kg capacities

This transporting tool is suitable for use indoors as well as outdoors. Its lifting capacity of 150 kgs and simple mechanism makes it the right equipment for warehouses, shops, supermarkets, offices, gardens, parks and homes. Its unobtrusive blue color suits any work environment. The Economy Sack Truck is high on performance and low on price.

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